Board Member Monday! #BMM

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Mimi Wiggins Perreault

Mimi Wiggins Perreault, 35, has been going to the playhouse since August 2015 and on the board since the Fall of 2016. “My first year in Boone I had two children under the age of 5 and I was writing my PhD dissertation and teaching part-time at Appalachian,” said Mimi. “I did not have a lot of time for socializing so I would meet people at the Playhouse. It was refreshing to have coffee, relax and talk to other parents in a time when I felt lonely and isolated.”

Teaching social media strategies at AppState, Mimi helps bring social media interns to the Playhouse. Soon to be mother of four children, ages ranging from newborn to 6.5, Mimi says her little ones have a hard time deciding between the romp and stomp, the vet clinic and playing outside in the nicer months. “There are new things to discover each day, and the space is actually bigger than it looks (especially in the eyes of a child),” said Mimi.

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Julia Showalter

Julia Showalter, 38, is another one of our dedicated board members at the Playhouse. Julia has dedicated her time to the board for a year and a half now. “I was volunteering for the Playhouse and helping out with the Kid’s Corner at the Farmers Market when I was inspired to join the board,” said Julia.

Julia helps out with the beautiful gardens and the Kid’s Corner at The Farmers Market. “I love how much my kids love the Playhouse and that it is a safe and engaging environment," said Julia.