• Fairy Houses and Gnome Homes

    These fairy houses are just adordable and so easy to make! Kids will love creating these painted fairy houses and finding special places for them in the garden. Easy to make for kids of all ages with just a few simple supplies.

    Image Source: https://www.projectswithkids.com/easy-painted-fairy-houses-garden/


    • Clay pot
      • You can get this at Walmart for $1
    • Paint
    • Paint brushes
    • Markers 
    • Flowers/leaves
      • You can pick these from outside
    • Mod Podge (or any other weatherproof sealer)   
      • This is completely optional


    • You can use the picture above as reference but other than that let your creativity reign free! 
    • Once you have made the fairy house or gnome home of your dreams go ahead and put it in your room, window, or yard 🍄🌷
  • Clay Creations

    A plate full of DIY clay figures.

    Image Source: https://parents.highlights.com/how-to-make-clay


    • 2 cups baking soda
    • 1 cup cornstarch
    • 1 ¼ cups water
    • Food coloring 
    • Optional: googly eyes, feathers & any other fun craft supplies


    1. Pour the baking soda, cornstarch, and water into a pot
    2. Stir mixture on medium heat until it resembles mashed potatoes
    3. Let the clay cool 
    4. Divide cooled clay into four pieces
    5. Knead different food coloring into each piece
    6. Make any fun creature, character, or shape that you want
    7. Once you are finished, lay the clay in a sunny place to harden
    8. Play with your new fun toy!
  • Edible Slime

    With only four major ingredients Edible Marshmallow slime is not only easy to make. It's fun to play with and tastes so good!

    Image Source: https://www.savynaturalista.com/2018/03/31/edible-marshmallow-slime/


    • 1 cup of marshmallows
    • ¾ cup cornstarch
    • ¼ cup powdered sugar
    • Coconut oil (or any type of edible oil)
    • Food coloring


    1. Put marshmallows in a microwave-safe bowl
    2. Microwave for around 30 seconds then stir
    3. Mix in ¼ cup powdered sugar and ¼ cup corn starch until combined
    4. Add the remaining cornstarch as you mix
    5. Coat hands with oil to prevent slime from sticking to hands
    6. If the slime is too sticky add more cornstarch
    7. The slime can be kept for a few days

    *Helpful tip: microwave the slime to make it more malleable*

  • Float the Boat Simulation

    Aluminum Foil Boat Challenge

    Image Source: https://science4superheroes.files.wordpress.com/2014/10/img_2228.jpg


    • Aluminum foil 
    • Pennies
    • Clear container (ex: tupperware)
      • This should be large enough for your aluminum boat
    • Water 
    • Paper
    • Writing tool 


    1. Fill the clear container with water until it is almost full
    2. Create a boat with one sheet of aluminum foil
    3. Guess how many pennies it will take to sink the boat
    4. Test your hypothesis by placing 1 penny at a time into your boat
    5. Make note of how many pennies it took to sink the boat
    6. Now adapt your boat by adding more layers of aluminum foil or changing the shape of the boat
    7. Adjust your hypothesis and test it
    8. Continue until you make an aluminum boat that can hold the most pennies!
  • Colorful Oil & Water Experiment

    Image Source: https://funlearningforkids.com/oil-water-science-exploration/


    • Oil 
    • Water
    • Food Coloring 
    • Dropper/Pipette
    • Cups/Bowls 
    • Clear deep dish
      • Tupperware is ideal but similar dishes like a mason jar, glass cup, or vase will work too!


    1. Fill a shallow dish with any type of oil
    2. In a separate cup, mix 3-5 drops of food coloring with water. Use a different cup for each color of water (This is a great way to teach your kids about color theory!)
    3. Using a dropper, collect the colored water of your choice and drop it into the oil
    4. The water will bead up and create fun colored droplets in the oil 
    5. Continue having fun by adding as much colored water as you’d like!
  • Playhouse Playdough


    • 2 cups flour 
    • 1/2  cup salt 
    • 1 tablespoon cream of tartar 
    • 1/2  tablespoon oil (any kind) 
    • 2 cups water 
    • Food coloring
    • Cinnamon or lemon extract


    1. Mix the dry ingredients together in a large pan 
    2. Add the water and oil
    3. If you are making the dough one color, add the food coloring to the water
    4. Feel free to add a scent like cinnamon or lemon extract to the dough
    5. Mix well
    6. Grown-up only steps:
      • Cook over a medium burner, stirring constantly, until the mixture changes texture and forms into a ball
      • Don’t worry if the ball isn’t forming, it should take 15 minutes
      • Once the ball forms, take the pot off the heat and allow to cool 
      • Do not put the dough in a container until it has fully cooled because the consistency of the dough will change
    7. Once the dough is cool, you can divide it up and knead in the colors (protect your hands to avoid staining) 
    8. If stored in an airtight container at room temp, this should keep for several weeks 
    9. Have fun with your homemade dough! 
  • 💗 2024 Valentine’s Crafts 💗

    This year our valentine to you is a list of our favorite seasonal crafts. After you are done with these, love will certainly be in the air.  

    ♡ Your heart will be a FLUTTER. 

    ♡ Everyone WOOL love you.

    ♡ You are a GEM.

    ♡ While I’m on a ROLL, you should check out our final craft. 


    The Children’s Playhouse

  • Enjoy Music with Laura at Home! 

    We love hosting Musical Adventures with Miss Laura weekly at The Children’s Playhouse. Laura’s love of music and children shines through everything she does and she has very kindly shared these wonderful videos for you to enjoy at home with your little ones. All videos copyright Laura Donovan and 421 Music. Click the videos below or enjoy the whole playlist at The Children’s Playhouse–Boone YouTube channel.

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