• Volunteering at The Children’s Playhouse

    The Children’s Playhouse is greatly indebted to all the volunteers who have contributed to the museum since the beginning and who continue to make it a safe, fun, and creative place to be! Volunteering at The Children’s Playhouse meets the requirements of many service learning classes and we attract interns from a variety of fields including child development, sociology, art, and education.  We also welcome volunteers of all ages from the community.

    We have individual and small group opportunities for volunteers to help with our daily operations as well as one-time opportunities connected to special events which are more appropriate for larger groups as well as individuals. We also offer internships for more extensive experiences. Scroll down to find them all!



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    If you belong to a club or organization that wants to offer service as group on a particular day, please email Operations Manager, Claire Parnell to discuss our needs and to schedule your workday.


    Volunteers interact with families, sanitize toys, and prepare art projects. We appreciate the help of 1-2 volunteers whenever we are open (9:30-5:30 Tuesday-Friday, and 9:30-3:30 Saturday).

    Signing Up

    To get started, please fill out the application below (or you can fill it out in person) and bring it to The Children’s Playhouse to turn in and to sign up for shifts in our volunteer binder. While there you will be asked to read our volunteer handbook and set-up a time sheet. You will be expected to watch the volunteer training videos and successfully completed the quiz before your first volunteer shift.

    Click here for pdf of the volunteer application. Please also click here to get on our volunteer mailing list.

    Click here to watch The Playhouse volunteer training videos. There are eight videos but it will take less than ten minutes to watch them all. Click here to complete the quiz based on the training videos.


    The Playhouse offers internships year round from a variety of fields. All interns get experience in with Playhouse day-to-day operations but additionally pursue projects related to nonprofit management, social work, fundraising, education, recreation managment, and social media marketing. Please email Executive Director Kathy Parham for more information on internships.

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