• Playhouse Play Kit Project

  • About the Playhouse Play Kit Project

    Playhouse Play Kits are care packages filled with love from The Children’s Playhouse to all the families we cannot see in person during the Covid 19 Pandemic. Families tell us that they miss The Playhouse terribly and that they are struggling with isolation, financial worries, and the challenge of working remotely while keeping kids active and learning.

    Each kit is packed with developmentally appropriate, unplugged, hands-on activities for families to do at home during this difficult time. We’re going to make a new kit every month and distribute to 200 families. The first kit will be free to all Playhouse members and every month to our 90 scholarship families and to any families unemployed due to the Pandemic.

    Safety Strategies for Play Kits

    In order to recieve the kits, parents and caregivers must affirm that they understand and agree to the following safety strategies for the Play Kits: 

    Leave this kit unopened for 72 hours after pickup. The Children’s Playhouse has followed current CDC recommendations and utilized reasonable mitigation strategies concerning COVID-19, so that the assembly and distribution of the Play Kits is as safe as possible.  The Children’s Playhouse, however, cannot make any guarantees about potential exposure to COVID-19, with respect to supplies included in the Play Kits or staff/volunteers assembling such Play Kits, due to the highly contagious nature of the virus.  Accordingly, The Children’s Playhouse recommends leaving each Play Kit unopened for seventy-two (72) hours before use and it is MY responsibility as a parent to do so. 

    Remove Activities that are not right for your child. The activities included in the Play Kit are designed for children of various ages and that it is MY responsibility as a parent to remove activities that may be inappropriate because of age or other reason from the Play Kit before it is used by my child(ren).  

    Supervise your children while using these supplies. As a parent, I am responsible for monitoring the usage of the Play Kit by my child(ren).

    Click here to read the full Play Kit Safety Release

  • A Big Thank You to Our Donors and Volunteers

    We are very grateful for the donors and volunteers who make this project possible. The project volunteers and planners are Jana Duke, Gabby Hukill, Laura Stokes, Maggie Christenbury, Mercer Fischer, Jen Hayward, Alison Gates, and Laura Kessler and operations manager Claire Parnell. If you would like to get involved with the Play Kit Project as a donor or volunteer, please email Playhouse Executive Director Kathy Parham. 

    A gift from the Farris Family Foundation Home Community Fund helped us produce the first 200 kits as did many kind donations received on #GivingTuesdayNow in our campaign on Give Lively. If you would like to give to support this project, please click here.

  • Play Kit #1 — Available May 12, 2020

    Only two hundred kits are available, so please register as soon as possible to recieve your first kit. After the 200 kits have been distributed, we will start a waiting list for the next kit. Kits are available for contentless pick up on the Playhouse front porch. 

    The first kit contains the following activities:

    1. Craft Stick puppets
    2. Make a puppet stage
    3. Make a mural
    4. Chalk on black paper
    5. Rainbow drawing
    6. Make your own Playhouse playdough (contains gluten)
    7. Cotton ball catapults
    8. Sensory Activity: Water Beads or Foam Soap
    9. Shape Sticker play
    10. Nursery Rhyme mini-book
    11. Make your own book


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