Board Member Monday! #BMM


Kelli Mayhew

“The playhouse has been such a treasure for my family,” said Kelli Mayhew, 52. Kelli has been on the board for a year now. “Our son was nearly two when we first visited.  From the smell of fresh hot coffee and the warm smiles that greeted us at the door to the pleasure of watching our child make his way from room to room with wonder and delight, the entire experience was a revelation.” Kelli has helped in encouraging and creating a strategy to move toward long-term financial sustainability at The Playhouse.

“The playhouse isn’t just a service or a place, it’s a gift to this community, and I wanted to be a part of helping nurture it,” said Kelli. “Your child’s curiosity, a joyful discovery in every room and a community of grateful parents enjoying this surprising oasis together costs only a $6 admission? It’s the best deal in town!”