Meet Our Board Members

rebecca hutchins.jpg

Rebecca Hutchins

Rebecca Hutchins, 71, is one of many dedicated board members at The Children’s Playhouse. After being invited by Kathy, Director of The Children's Playhouse, Rebecca has stayed on the board for three months. Rebecca is on the finance committee for the Playhouse.

“The Playhouse does a great job raising support and is a great place for parents and young children,” said Rebecca. “There are no other places that are anything like the Playhouse, I would encourage parents with young children to see what is offered here.”

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Kurt I. Love

“Our family has been coming to the Playhouse for as long as we've lived in the High Country,” said Kurt I. Love, 52, a board member of The Children’s Playhouse. “We moved here when Ada was two, before Daniel was born; and it was a sanity-saver for me when we were new to the area and didn't have any kind of support network yet. It gave all of us someplace to belong. That's why we're members.” Kurt, father of Ada (6) and Daniel Z. (2) have been coming to The Children’s Playhouse for four years now.

“I serve on the board because it's something I can do to give back to a place that's done so much for us, and because it's something I can do to keep this unique and irreplaceable community asset thriving,” said Kurt.