Board Member Monday! #BMM


Martha McCaughey

“The Playhouse was a huge support to me as a mother and to my children when they were between the ages of 1 and 8 years,” said Martha McCaughey, a member of the Playhouse board. Martha has been on the board for around 4 years, currently holding the position of Vice President. “I have done a number of things as a Board member,” says Martha.

“For instance, I organized the first-ever Children's Art of the High Country --a juried exhibition of children's art at the Turchin Center for the Visual Arts.” This event brought the Playhouse a lot of positive attention and some new faces! She has also hosted a holiday gathering for the Board and friends of and donors to the Playhouse. “This (the Playhouse) is a truly memorable, magical place where parents and other caregivers can really enjoy their children and see them blossom,” said Martha.


Amber Dollyhigh

“I was inspired to join the board for the Children’s Playhouse because my family has used and loved the Playhouse so well,” said Amber Dollyhigh, another member of the Playhouse board. Amber joined the board this year! “Both the Playhouse and Ms. Kathy are gifts to our community and I wanted to be an active part of their support system,” said Amber.

Amber is an ambassador and advocates for the Children’s Playhouse. She has used the Playhouse for both work and personal reasons, being an early intervention provider. She has brought/sent many families to the Playhouse to encourage enriching, safe experiences for children with disabilities as well as a place where parents can find support in others. “I have, and absolutely would, encourage out of town visitors to visit the Playhouse while they are in Boone. It is a sweet, safe, cozy, super fun treasure,” said Amber.