Sponsored Memberships

These memberships are supported by donations and grants.

Scholarship Membership
Free or reduced price
Supported by donations and grants.
Free or reduced price depending on income.
Unlimited free admission for everyone in your family for 1 year.
Discounts on birthday parties.
Any adult may bring your member child for free with your membership.
Bring a friend for $3 per person.
Does not include ACM reciprocal benefits. However, low-income families can visit many of these museums for $3. See https://museums4all.org/
Agency Membership
Supported by donations and grants.
Designed for nonprofits or agencies serving children.
One agency client family at a time can visit when accompanied by an agency staff member. If a family wishes to visit on their own, they may purchase their own membership, apply for a scholarship, or pay by the day.
First Time Parent
Free for 18 months
Sponsored by a grant from the Celia Lipton Farris and Victor W. Farris Foundation Home Community Fund.
Child may be adopted or biological but must be the parents’ first and only child (or children in the case of twins or other multiples).
Free until the child is 18 months old.
For residents of Watauga county.
Does not include Association of Children's Museums reciprocal benefit.
Any adult may come for free with this membership.
Military Membership
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