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Comments from Families about The Children's Playhouse

What do our visitors say about The Children's Playhouse? Check out these reviews and comments gleaned from our annual surveys, comment cards, and good old-fashioned letters and emails that came our way. Click here to add your own comment or Playhouse story.

Friendly and Fun...

“We had a great time at the Playhouse when we visited during our vacation in Boone. You all were so friendly and made us feel welcome; even though it was our first time there. Our 4 year old boy had fun with the magnet cars and the train outside, and our 2 year old girl loved the paints. You all have made such a wonderful place there; we wish you the best of luck with it and hope to visit again the next time we’re in Boone.” ----Brian, Grace, Aiden & Elena, Rock Hill, SC

“[The best things about The Playhouse are] support, smiles, a warm fun place when the weather is yucky.” –response from 2010 Survey of Members and Visitors

“My children Loooooove the playhouse. It is obvious they enjoy the activities and learn and have fun. We cannot drive past without the kids asking to go to the Playhouse!” –response from 2010 Survey of Members and Visitors.

“The staff at the Playhouse takes the time to learn every parent and child’s name. They also get to ‘know’ all the members on a personal level. When I’m at the Playhouse, I feel that I’m among family.”
--Jennifer Spell

“I’ve been to larger children’s museums in big cities and the place has everything in half the space!”
--Mar Stegall

Great for Growing Minds and Bodies...

“You guys have everything a child could want, don’t add or change a thing!”
--Brandy Lee Church

“The Playhouse offers a wealth of opportunities and programs which stimulate the minds and expand the experiences of our young children. Research shows that early positive experiences with music, art, and creative play, set the stage for higher intellectual development. The Playhouse also serves as a resource for parents of young children. The Playhouse offers outstanding education classes and an opportunity for parents of young children to meet and support each other through a variety of activities.” --Kelly Wiley

“The Children’s Playhouse in Boone is a wonderful resource for families, children and agencies that serve young children in Watauga County.  The Playhouse is set up like a preschool/exploratory museum.  Children feel safe to explore a variety of art, building, imaginative play, motor skills areas, and outdoor play, as well as interaction with other children in a stimulating environment.  The Playhouse is set up to allow children to make choices about what they want to explore, initiate art and building experiences alone or with a friend and develop independence in their learning. The Children’s Playhouse is a unique asset in our community and everyone who visits (the Playhouse) sees the value for Watauga County.”
--Delores Wilder, Exceptional Children’s Preschool Teacher, Watauga County Schools

“I use The Playhouse as a meeting place with other families. I also use it for affordable music, dance, and art classes for my four children. The Playhouse also offers parenting classes like “Love and Logic”, which has helped me tremendously.  My children use the Playhouse to meet with friends, make new friends, explore different art projects, role play, and take different classes. It makes such a difference in families, I know it has in mine!” --Leigh Reid

“The staff is always helpful and assists the children with the art projects…The Playhouse offers opportunities found nowhere else." --Susan Weinburg, Appalachian State University

“The Playhouse itself is such a wonderful place for young children to learn. There are many engaging, developmentally appropriate activities and toys provided each day. It is a perfect and relaxing place for parents to chat with other parents and attend workshops for themselves and their children. The Playhouse serves as a model of a high quality learning environment. It is always impeccably clean, safe, colorful and welcoming to children and their families. The staff and volunteers are friendly, helpful and supportive. Thanks for all you do everyday for ALL children!” --Jane Scanlon, Exceptional Children’s Preschool Teacher, Watauga County Schools

“In our crazy life The Playhouse has allowed my child to just go be a child and forget about ‘Big People’ problems.” —2009 survey response

Friendly Support for Parents and Caregivers...

“It gives her the opportunity to play with others, but sometimes I think it's more for ME! To get out of the house, talk to other adults, and let her play in a safe environment.” –response from 2010 Survey of Members and Visitors

“It gives me a safe place to get out of the house when I feel depressed.” –response from 2010 Survey of Members and Visitors

“It is a well--needed outlet for both of us.  We always leave The Playhouse in a good mood.” —2007 Survey response

“The support and encouragement I receive while here motivates me until the next time I come.” —2007 Survey response

“As a professional working mom, I come to the Playhouse and I get to interact as a mom with other moms and dads. I feel it’s important to come to the Playhouse and get the chance to talk with other parents of all different types.” --Martha McCaughey

A Community Resource...

 “I count myself lucky, lucky, lucky to live in a community with such a wonderful resource. All my friends who live elsewhere are jealous that we have a safe place to take our children throughout the year that enriches and supports our child's development and our own development as parents. I am ever so thankful to have the Playhouse as a resource.” –response from 2010 Survey of Members and Visitors

“You have built an amazing refuge for children and a strong, enduring community. We miss you.  . . .You and your program have made a lasting impression on my life and the lives of my children.” –Shalene Wyrick

“It's one of the most wonderful community centers/ resources.” –response from 2010 Survey of Members and Visitors

“I believe in your work and feel that it meets a real need in our community.”--Karen Ginn